Archives for: November 2008

Drama Shows from Years Ago

Announcements [A]
The Betty Boop world was a world of enthusiasm. "She Wronged Him Right" really displays the world as viewed through an innocent girl's eyes, as played out in a staged production, where Betty plays the lead role. Set on Betty Boop's farm, the main villain… more »

"Toon" Into the Chi Within

Announcements [A]
Where does the hidden power lie within the cartoon masterpieces of yesteryear? Is it in the funny animation? Is it in the voice talent? No one will ever know, but one thing is for sure: all of the cartoon greats had a rival of some kind. Bugs had Yosemit… more »

Elmer, the Survivor

Cartoon History
Elmer Fudd. Just the name strikes fear into the hearts of rabbits. At least, I'm sure there's some rabbit out there that is scared of him. Not Bugs Bunny, though. In "Elmer's Candid Camera," Elmer Fudd is out trying to snap a nature shot of Bugs, but Bug… more »
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