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The Story of Dave and Max

Cartoon History
When one reads about the beginnings of animation, the names Dave and Max Fleischer are sure to be mentioned at one time or another. Though this generation of cartoon lovers and fanatics have largely settled on Walt Disney being the father of animation, the Fleischers actually played a huge part in the beginnings of the art form. more »

Where Did the Golden Ones Go?

Cartoon History
Animation as an art form and a form of entertainment had rough beginnings, but quickly became mainstream from the 1920’s into the 1950’s. In the race to become king of the mountain, studios such as Fleischer Studios… more »

2002: The Year of the Demise of Hand-Drawn Animation

News, Cartoon History
March 25, 2002 - A date remembered by some as the day an art form was greatly impacted. On that day, more than 200 Disney artists working at Disney's Feature Animation Department in Burbank, California were told they were losing their jobs. They were part of a 75-year era when Disney's animators were considered at the top of their tier. But, new technology, new business leaders, and a new business model changed the way feature animation was created. more »

It's the Gummi Bears' 25th Anniversary, Celebrate Online!

News, Cartoon History
What's cooler than a Gummi Bears reunion? Attending one! According to Jymn Magon, writer/story editor for Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears, only 50 tickets area available to lucky adventurers interested in being present as many of the cast from the… more »

Bugs Bunny - How That Waskally Wabbit Got His Name

News, Cartoon History
We all know who he is: Bugs Bunny, that infamous waskally wabbit who always finds trouble wherever he goes, but always gets the last laugh. He was always characterized as a wild and mischievous hare, sometimes sharing qualities of mythological tricksters… more »
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