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Popeye: I Never Changes My Altitude

Popeye the Sailor, Classic, classics, cartoon, cartoons, watch cartoons online, toonjetPopeye: I Never Changes My Altitude
Director: Dave Fleischer
Studio: Fleischer Studios
Released: Friday August 20, 1937
Popeye is sitting outside Olive's lunchroom at the airport, distraught. She's closed the business to fly away with an aviator (Bluto, of course). But it's hardly what she expected; he has her painting his plane, while it's flying; when she says she's rather go back to Popeye, he tries to throw her off the plane. Popeye sees this, and takes off in a plane, just in time to help her out. The boys get into a dogfight, and Bluto manages to demolish Popeye's plane. As Popeye is falling, he grabs a duck and feeds the duck spinach. The duck manages to fly him up to Bluto's plane, Popeye has some spinach of his own, and he teaches Bluto a lesson. Popeye picks up Olive and crashes the plane into the diner, opening it (and providing a new counter).
Rated: 4.5 (2 ratings)



Posted on: 2010-12-27 13:40:10

Awesome!! This is the first time I've seen Popeye give away spinach...and to a bird no less! I guess this shows that anyone can be "tough to the finish."


Posted on: 2010-03-27 17:19:31

VERY cool. The first 20 seconds of this cartoon is Max Fleisher's signature 3-D effect. Quite creative for 1937! You'll also find this effect in a several of the Betty Boop films.

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