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Tom and Jerry: Jerry's Diary

Jerry's Diary - Watch Tom and Jerry cartoons on ToonJet Cartoon NetworkTom and Jerry: Jerry's Diary
Director: Joseph Barbera and William Hanna
Studio: MGM
Released: Saturday October 22, 1949
The radio announces "Be Kind to Animals" day, so Tom gets Jerry flowers, chocolates, and a nice pie. Jerry isn't home, but Tom spots his diary and starts reading it (an excuse to show old clips). In the process, he grows increasingly irate, and trashes the flowers, then the chocolates. Jerry returns, and Tom decides to give him the pie, in the face, of course (in fact, it plasters him all over the wall). (IMDb)
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Posted on: 2013-07-20 01:06:52

All around classic, I do not like the new ones though. It does not have that charm anymore. :-/


Posted on: 2013-01-31 12:17:36

spare a little time to watch adventure movies online


Posted on: 2011-03-26 11:49:13

funny flashbacks


Posted on: 2010-10-10 05:05:33

nnromagear nnPosted on: 2010-08-12 13:06:22nnjust goes to show how long it has been since i last saw this cartoon and its still all goodnnTortoise nnPosted on: 2010-08-11 12:27:09nni love 5:31nncrfinance nnPosted on: 2010-07-29 16:27:56nnhaha, so cool!nnswat_katfan nnPosted on: 2010-07-15 06:22:46nnlol love the enddingnnkitty238 nnPosted on: 2010-07-07 02:35:06nnits s h i tnnstraydog96 nnPosted on: 2010-06-22 00:56:10nnXDnnsmattersteph nnPosted on: 2010-05-25 00:39:06nnone of the greatest cartoons ever writtennnbulungu nnPosted on: 2010-05-02 11:32:31rnrnwhere did this such nice cartoons disappear to?rnrnwebflower rnrnPosted on: 2010-04-09 00:31:39rnrnYes Indeedrnrnbob32818 rnrnPosted on: 2010-03-27 10:32:26rnrnVery well done.rnrndemmullins@yahoo.co.uk rnrnPosted on: 2010-02-26 08:42:45rnrntom and jerry best cartoon ever made rnrnrnBoOtSaRaMa rnrnPosted on: 2010-02-08 12:54:34rnrnI thought it was pretty good. The end was predictable though. =(^-.-^)=rnrnBugsfan1974 rnrnPosted on: 2010-01-30 17:59:45rnrnCl[*Expletive*]ic!rnrnHansiboy rnrnPosted on: 2009-11-30 15:01:21rnrnThis Tom and Jerry was not so good. Im giving peterthe1 right!rnrnlynettewilson rnrnPosted on: 2009-10-06 04:36:18rnrnlove it!!!!rnrntoon jet rocks rnrnPosted on: 2009-10-04 19:27:31rnrncoolrnrnhotbimbo4u rnrnPosted on: 2009-09-08 15:37:45rnrnwhy notrnrnpeterthe1 rnrnPosted on: 2009-09-03 13:35:38rnrnThis Tom and Jerry was not good at all!!rnrn


Posted on: 2010-07-07 02:35:06

its s h i t


Posted on: 2010-05-25 00:39:06

one of the greatest cartoons ever writtenrn


Posted on: 2010-05-02 11:32:31

where did this such nice cartoons disappear to?


Posted on: 2010-03-27 10:32:26

Very well done.


Posted on: 2010-02-26 08:42:45

tom and jerry best cartoon ever made rn


Posted on: 2010-02-08 12:54:34

I thought it was pretty good. The end was predictable though. =(^-.-^)=


Posted on: 2010-01-30 17:59:45



Posted on: 2009-11-30 15:01:21

This Tom and Jerry was not so good. Im giving peterthe1 right!


Posted on: 2009-10-06 04:36:18

love it!!!!


Posted on: 2009-09-03 13:35:38

This Tom and Jerry was not good at all!!

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