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    watch cartoons online
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    Today in Cartoon History

    First Official Warner Bros. Cartoon Released
    Sat Apr. 19, 1930 - Sinkin' in the Bathtub starring Bosko is released as the first Warner Bros. cartoon. This is the first Looney Tunes cartoon, the first public appearance of Bosko, as well as his co-star, Honey.
    Final Appearance of Gossamer
    Sat Apr. 19, 1952 - Gossamer makes his final appearance in the Looney Tunes series in "Water, Water Every Hare."

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    free cartoons online
    watch cartoons online
    watch cartoons tom and jerry

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    Top 10 Best 3D Animated Films of all Time

    Who doesn't like a good animated movie? The past few years have seen a boom in 3D animated movies, and I will try to sum up the best of the best of the least worst and leave out the worst of the most bad. On top of the latest and greatest, it includes a couple of the classics. The art and the industry have already begun to change and expand...
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    Dick Tracy

    Get your red hot classics online, right here, right now! Watch streaming cartoon videos on the internet tv channel here on ToonJet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hop aboard the Toon Jet! Next stop, The Classics!

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      featured cartoons on ToonJet
    Dick Tracy: Scrambled Yeggs
    Two counterfeiters are hiding out in patrolman Heapo Calorie's district. He is eating a generous snack, when he gets...
    Flip the Frog: The Village Smitty
    Flip the Frog works at his blacksmith operation on his farm. Along comes a girl riding in a horse-drawn wagon. The...
    Clutch Cargo: 009 The Arctic Bird Giant
    After setting a trap to catch the arctic bird giant, an alarm sounds, indicating they have caught their monster. But,...
    Oswald: All Wet
    Oswald has a hot dog stand at the beach. He sells them to customers with unexpected results (the hot dogs are still...
    Screen Song: The Ski\'s the Limit
    In Switzerland, towns are prosperous in part because of their skiing industries, as well as others such as...
    Silly Symphony: El Terrible Toreador
    Somewhere in Mexico, a gentleman of high standing tries to eat his food at a restaurant. A waitress brings him a drink,...
    3 Stooges: The Tree Nuts
    The Three Stooges are rangers searching for a lumber thief. It turns out the thief is an unlikely suspect.
    Futura High Command: The Firebomb
    Colonel Bleep unveils his new invention, the Futurion Robots. They are designed to help run the space station and to...
    Mel-O-Toons: The Magic Clock
    In the city of Glickenglocken, an elaborate clock announces each hour with a fanfare and an angel's song. But, the king...
    ComiColor: Humpty Dumpty
    Humpty Dumpty fights the dastardly Bad Egg for Easter Egg's affections. Humpty's mom tells him to stop sitting on high...
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    watch cartoons online
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