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Felix the Cat: Futuritzy

watch cartoons, cartoons, cartoon, classic, classics, classic cartoons online, disney cartoons, cartoon videos, toonjetFelix the Cat: Futuritzy
Director: Pat Sullivan
Studio: Pat Sullivan Cartoons
Released: Sunday June 24, 1928
Felix wants to know the future, so he first goes to see a Gypsy who tells him that misfortune is going to happen, Felix doesn't believe her one little bit, so he goes to the local astrologer, Professor Whoozit who tells Felix that he trips over a horseshoe and throws it and it ends up knocking down a robber who's robbing a rich man. The rich man takes Felix to his house and gives him a big meal and some of his money, which Felix woos Kitty with. So, Felix thanks the astrologer and he's on his merry way, he tells his fat friend about the prediction and celebrates with cigars, but the lighter ends up on a stick of dynamite which blows Felix and his pal to the edge of a cliff, so Felix tries to save him, but Felix gets kicked by a donkey and he lands at the horseshoe. Felix (of course) throws the horseshoe and it ends up crashing a window, and Felix getting the brick back (on the head!) and then Felix gets hit by a car which has Kitty and some other cat who just got married, so Felix throws a brick at the astrologer. (IMDb)
Rated: (0 ratings)


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