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Today in Cartoon History

First Color Felix the Cat Cartoon is Released
Fri Feb. 07, 1936 - Felix stars in his first color cartoon, "The Goose That Laid The Golden Egg," part of the Rainbow Parade series.
Disney's Pinocchio is Released
Wed Feb. 07, 1940 - Walt Disney Studios releases the classic animated film Pinocchio to theaters.
The Lego Movie is Released
Fri Feb. 07, 2014 - Warner Bros' computer animated feature film The Lego Movie is released to theaters.

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    Top 10 Best 3D Animated Films of all Time

    Who doesn't like a good animated movie? The past few years have seen a boom in 3D animated movies, and I will try to sum up the best of the best of the least worst and leave out the worst of the most bad. On top of the latest and greatest, it includes a couple of the classics. The art and the industry have already begun to change and expand...

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    Screen Song: Helter Swelter Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    June 21st - the longest day of the year and the first day of Summer. The bees fight over nectar, ants raid picnics for...

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    3 Stooges: Tin Horn Dude Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    The Stooges show up at the sheriff's office in Badrock. The governor has sent them because they are "expendable." The...

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    Terrytoons: The Talking Magpies Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    A bird couple try to find a home, but they don't have any success. They finally make their home in an old branch by a...

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    Futura High Command: The Lunar Lugar Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    Dr. Destructo creates a powerful gun called the Lunar Lugar. He has harnessed the power of the moon in order to destroy...

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    Aesop's Fables: In a Cartoon Studio Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    A girl approaches the guard outside a cartoon studio. He lets her in, and she finds a place full of cartoon animals...

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    Hoppity Hooper: 005 - Rock n' Roll... Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    Waldo Wigglesworth goes door to door trying to sell people useless things. Fillmore Bear comes along, and Wigglesworth...

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    Mel-O-Toons: Paul Bunyan Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    Paul Bunyan was strong, even when he was young. He was 25 feet tall when he was 18. He sets out to be a lumberjack,...

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    ComiColor: Dick Whittington's... Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    A cat hangs around the bakery, drinking the milk and getting in the way. The little boy who works there is instructed...

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    Clutch Cargo: 009 The Arctic Bird... Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    After setting a trap to catch the arctic bird giant, an alarm sounds, indicating they have caught their monster. But,...

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    Oswald: All Wet Add cartoon to your favorites Email this cartoon
    Oswald has a hot dog stand at the beach. He sells them to customers with unexpected results (the hot dogs are still...

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