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Flip the Frog: School Days

watch cartoons online, classic cartoons, flip the frog, cartoons, tv, movies, animation, ub iwerks, old cartoonsFlip the Frog: School Days
Director: UB Iwerks
Studio: Celebrity Productions
Released: Saturday May 14, 1932
Flip walks to school whistling as his dog follows behind. The dog tries to jump on him from behind, and he scolds him, tying him up. Flip is late for class, but he sneaks in. Flips dog finally escapes and makes it to school, climbing into Flip's seat with him. The teacher catches him and throws him out. The dog continues to cause mayhem for Flip and his classmates.
Rated: (0 ratings)



Posted on: 2012-03-03 04:37:29


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